Breaking Bad Blue Meth Rock Candy Halloween Props

Looking for something to give your Breaking Bad Halloween costume the edge it deserves? Are you worried about not standing out amidst the sea of identical Walter Whites and Jessie Pinkmans this October? Don’t worry, we’ve found something to give your costume that extra bit of authenticity and well, it’s kinda awesome.

Etsy shop owner Danilo Buendia is selling baggies of Heisenberg
Blue Sky meth rock candy (cotton candy flavored, in case you were wondering). The listing is for two baggies of “fine product” that come delivered in discreet brown baggies with the Los Pulgas Hermanos logo.

The page currently lists the product as sold but there are bound to be scores of copycats out there trying to do the same thing. Or you could try to whip up your own 99.1% pure product in your own RV but we think it’s just easier to let the experts do all the work.


Danilo Buendia’s blue rock candy

(Source: Etsy)


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