Future Job Options for Pharmacy Techs

Pharmacy technicians have a skill set that equips them to handle a range of roles in the medical industry. Some professions pharmacy techs might transition into include:

  • Medical communications associate: Coordinates drug information requests;  maintains departmental quality control; assists with research on company products; maintains database of informational files on products; prepares drug information documents; maintains customer database; managing scientific exhibit booths.
  • Poison information provider: Responds to phone calls from both the public and health care providers needing emergency medical information regarding potential poisonings; uses poison information resources to interpret cases and recommend treatments or make referrals to health care facilities; obtain caller background histories; maintain records of calls.
  • Chemotherapy technician: Mixes chemotherapy and other medications for patients; oversees the medication management system, entering and maintaining patient data; maintains records of all transactions occurring in the mixing room; labels medications.
  • Nuclear pharmacy technician: Using a lead-shielded hood, mixes and dispenses radioactive materials for use in nuclear medicine procedures; prepares and maintains documentation associated with completed orders; transcribes labels for radiopharmaceutical orders; consults with the nuclear pharmacist as needed.

Also, some pharmacy technicians continue their studies to become pharmacists. With training as a pharmacy tech, your options are wide open.

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