Breaking Bad Blue Meth Rock Candy Halloween Props

Looking for something to give your Breaking Bad Halloween costume the edge it deserves? Are you worried about not standing out amidst the sea of identical Walter Whites and Jessie Pinkmans this October? Don’t worry, we’ve found something to give … Continue reading

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Opioid Manufacturers Seek to OK OxyContin Rx for Children

In pediatric conditions involving moderate to severe pain it’s not uncommon for physicians to prescribe oxycodone or hydrocodone off label to their patients. But recent moves by Purdue Pharma (the manufacturer of popular opioid OxyContin) to seek FDA approval to … Continue reading

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Could DIY Drugstores Be The Next New Thing?

A team of Glaswegian scientists are hoping to develop a machine that serves as an ‘on-demand’ drug store. The machine would concoct the specific drug you’re prescribed on the spot and churn it out for you like a vending machine. … Continue reading

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Probiotic Bacteria May Lessen Anxiety and Depression

Could a form of bacteria actually make you feel better if you ate it? For the first time scientists are studying what they call the gut-brain axis and finding a link between the bacteria in your stomach and the way … Continue reading

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Largest Robotic Pharmacy Opens at UCSF Medical Center

We had mentioned it before but now just recently The University of California San Francisco Medical Center debuted the world’s largest robotic pharmacy. Costing upwards of $15 million the ground breaking technology was created in hopes of raising productivity while … Continue reading

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